Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Nostalgia Notes

The nostalgia kick continues. Last week I sent letters off to the girl I took to the junior prom and to the girl I dated for a time while working my first TV job out of college.

I also traded e-mail with a former teammate on the Methacton high school swimming team. (I should point out that the guy friends I had in high school I already have e-mail addresses for and I stay in periodic contact with them.) Rich forwarded me a link to the web site of another former classmate. Erik Rex had once taught me a blues scale on guitar and still plays music professionally. Rich saw him play at a bar and bought his CD. He noted that Erik had "a very young, very cute girl" with him.

Punk Rock Day (1982 or 1983): Erik Rex is on
the left. Rich is next to him. I'm on the right.

I checked out Erik's site and was glad to see he still plays but was somewhat surprised by what he's playing. In high school he was matching Alex Lifeson note for note and now he seems content to channel Roger McGuinn. I'm not sure that's progress. But if he tours with very cute, very young girls in tow, maybe I'm measuring progress with the wrong ruler.

I didn't mention that in the e-mail I sent to Erik. He hasn't responded. Other than Rich, neither has anyone else whom I have intruded with correspondence from some long lost classmate.

That's OK. It was fun enough to reminisce as I wrote them and to wonder as I sent them what these people grew into in the intervening decades between then and now.

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