Saturday, October 08, 2011

I'm Back! And I Didn't Have to Get Fired First!

It has been more than a year since I last wrote here. The fine and kind people who agreed to pay me to write stories made me agree to stop writing here.

But I just got emailed an addendum to my contract about social networking. It says, "the Station recognizes Employee may use websites and blogs and social networks." It even capitalized "Employee."

Of course, it also says that if I say anything disparaging about the station, its sponsors, its vendors, or puppies1 that they can toss me and my contract off the roof of the building.

As you can imagine, this doesn't leave me much material left to work with. You know there is no end to my loathing of puppies2. But where I come across something that warrants my commentary that won't risk my paycheck, it appears that I am allowed to post it here.

I don't know how often that will be, if at all. But I wrote this, didn't I?

1 I am not really prohibited from disparaging puppies.
2 I do not really loathe puppies.