Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Canadian Offended by Association with Cold Weather

This did not come to my station, but to one where a friend works, and it is the kind if thing people write to TV stations all the time.
Sir/Madam: There is nothing that annoys Canadians more when they tune in to see the weather in the morning and plan their day than your weather reporters telling us about the Cold Winds From Canada thus blaming us and annoying us totally.
If they new their weather, the cold comes from Siberia and passes over Canada. Why don't you blame the Russians ??? Why can't you say winds from the north which are sometimes comes from your own Rockies ??? 
You are annoying Canadians who are contributing Millions of Dollars to your economy ---- which you badly need. We will tune in to a different station and support the products they are advertising should you continue to blame Canada ---- your biggest contributors to your economy. Ask your advertisers how that sits with them. 
We do not need to be annoyed to start our day. F.Y.I. --- I am one of the people who you interviewed about the International Drivers License Fiasco. I speak for many, many Canadians. May I have a response ???
You read that right. The person is apparently a Canadian angry to see his or her country associated with cold weather.

Monday, January 13, 2014


Eventually, someone will ask Google, "Why John McQuiston left WWSB in Sarasota?" So I'll try to explain, if only because you know that the absence of facts never stops someone from telling a story.

I resigned. In an email to station management I wrote, "I appreciate the opportunity to serve the station and its viewers. I tried to do work with which everyone there could feel proud to be associated."

All true. I don't know if my now former colleagues felt proud or not, but I did snag two Emmy nominations in the last two years for a station that had not even mustered an entry for the better part of a decade, according to the administrator for the NATAS Suncoast Region. When I called needing help with my submission in 2012, she could not remember the last time someone from WWSB had entered.

Why resign? In short, I felt overworked, underappreciated, and underpaid; and I ran out of gas. There's a longer answer, but it exhausts me just thinking about trying to write it, and I'm sure it would come off as whiny. Maybe later.

I have some plans already, including devoting myself again to my too-long-ignored video production business. (If you know someone who needs a story told in video, please send them to http://personal-documentary.com! If you care to, you can support it by liking its Facebook page.

Here is what turned out to be my last moments on the WWSB anchor desk, a week ago Sunday.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

ARod: Don't Tell Me It Was Mistake

An arbiter basically sided with Major League Baseball and reduced Alex Rodriguez's drug suspension from 211 to a one full season of 162 games.

So far A-Rod's team still seems in denial, with vows to challenge the ruling. But, someday, it will happen. Just like other baseball cheats like Ryan Braun, maybe on Oprah's couch, Rodriguez will admit to "mistakes" and apologize.

Is he really sorry? Are any of them? You know the apology I'd like to hear? The honest one:

"I'm sorry I got caught, but that's it. Why did I take performance-enhancing drugs? Because they helped me become far better than I could ever have gotten otherwise, and because they helped me sign TWO contracts  worth more than $200 million. Yeah, my stats are tainted, but the numbers that matter are the dollars. They're still real, and I can still spend them. So, excuse me. I have to fly my private jet back to my South Beach mansion, where I will have to decide which of my 27 exotic cars I want to drive today, and which of the 26 exotic dancers I want to ride in it with me."