Friday, September 29, 2006

The Cleaner

Someone on a blog I visit regularly wondered aprint today: "Have you ever coughed so hard you've thrown up?"

I had to comment:
Gotta say... that would be a no on the hacking up a puke thing. Glad you're feeling better if not yet well.

The vomit I clean off my floors comes from the cat. And has she ever once volunteered to help clean it up? Actually, yes, she has but no one in my house has to lick their own vomit off the floor. There are no signs stating this anywhere so it's more of a guideline than a hard and fast rule but I discourage it nonetheless.

That leaves me the head vomit cleaner of the house.

The cat will quickly remind me that her stomach is empty, not putting the two and two together (she completely sucks at math) that it's the eating that leads to the puking. "Can't you wait until your tummy calms down, Annie?" "Meow!" She answers in her "feed me now!" tone of voice. But at only six pounds, she's the Karen Carpenter of cats* so I have to feed her whenever she expresses an interest.

I'm sure that anecdote was most helpful to you.

Aren't you glad I shared!

*"Nicole Richie of cats" if you're under 30.

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A Girl From Texas said...

You may already know this but some cat food manufacturers make cat food for sensitive stomachs.