Monday, November 20, 2006

More Guitar

I need to play the guitar more regularly. Instead I attack the guitar with furious intensity in occasional spurts. It kills my fingers and doesn't do much for the quality of my playing.

But I recorded my efforts from this past weekend anyway. Bob Hope had his "Road to..." pictures. I have the new blue guitar series of 90 second to 2-minute long tunes that I might turn into real songs someday. Bob made a little bit more money from his venture than I will from mine but he's dead now so who's really in the lead here?

The first is a hard rocker with gloriously distorted guitars. The other one is slower, more languid, with lots of echo and reverb and a smooth, clean sound. Totally different but, like the others, I like them both and, really, whose blog is this, anyway?

Untitled 2Track13_2g ©2006 John McQuiston

Untitled 2Track08_2g ©2006 John McQuiston

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