Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Sometimes "blogworthy" things happen but I'm not worthy of the effort needed to detail them for you. I've been on vacation visiting my brother Jim in Alexandria, Virginia.

Saturday we went to Old Town, which I mention only to create an excuse to show a picture I shot from inside the restaurant looking out at Duke Street.

Sunday we visited Arlington National Cemetery, which I had not seen since childhood.

There are numerous signs reminding people to behave respectfully and quietly. What's interesting as that people actually heed them. (The one pictured above is near the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier) It's not totally silent but considering the crowds, it was surprisingly quiet and peaceful.

So quiet that at one point, the sound of this woman's sandals scraping the walkway seemed disturbingly loud.

I don't know how many thousands of grave markers of various sizes and shapes line the lawns at Arlington. I am sure there is a story behind all of them. What struck me was the disparity in the death dates for the men and their wives. Widows often lived decades after their husbands died.

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Anonymous said...

Whoah whoah ... that's not ALL that happened on your trip!! (are you forgetting the thrusts already?)