Monday, October 15, 2007

The Plumber File (con't)

I wish I kept track of how many people find my blog by searching for a plumbing company with which I had some unpleasant dealings over a year ago. Most now land directly on the page on which I detail my gripe with Chris's Plumbing Service in Riverview, FL. While I haven't totaled numbers from my stat counter, I do know that the number is large enough that if you Google the phrase "Chris's Plumbing Service" that his site doesn't come up as the top result.

Mine does.

Recently I got a a comment from a visitor indicating that customers weren't the only people dissatisfied with the company. That's the second time someone has commented that Chris's (spelled that way in the company name -- I realize that the second "s" may be redundant) employees don't like him any more than I do.

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