Sunday, January 17, 2010

Recent Facebook Posts

These are bon mots to which I have subjected those foolish enough to be my online friends. Why should you be spared?
John has reduced the mountain of laundry to a mole hill. Granted it's a luxury condo tower sized mole hill that could accommodate a heckuva lotta moles but it's a mole hill nonetheless.

Tracy, I'm sorry about the rumor-mongering. I didn't think anyone would take me seriously when I told them that all those Will and Grace re-runs had finally caused a violent gastrointestinal reaction.

John played golf today. He did not make any pars or birdies but he did hit a roof, a gutter and an air conditioner. Ugh.

Jim, I'm an ass. You know that. The difference back then was that I was an ass with more hair who thought he was funny.

John is tired of sympathizing with people up north. Wants to empathize instead. That's when they're cold and I feel sorry for them as I walk outside in shirtsleeves. This is not just Florida cold. It's actual cold cold.

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