Saturday, May 25, 2013

Viewer mail from an actual viewer

OK, former viewer, apparently. This comes, the author claims, from a minister. Ready?

Dear WTVT:

I cannot understand why you would replace Wheel and Jeopardy (7 & 7:30 PM weeknights) with Millionaire. No sane person would even consider such a thing. I am so angry at WTVT because I really thought you cared about your viewers. Obviously I was wrong, you have no concern for who has been loyal to your station since WTVT 40 was on.

My wife and I, along with SEVERAL other families we know will no longer be watching WTVT 7. When your viewership drops like a rock and your annual renewal comes along for your license, it will be NO surprise how many people will file complaints against you.

May you all burn in Hell.

Rev. LRSmith
Note: This once loyal viewer apparently never noticed that WTVT are not our call letters.

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