Thursday, September 01, 2005

As I learned more about my camera and computer editing, I wanted to tackle more topics. Sports was one. I had offered to cover stories for WCPO's sports department on my own time with my own equipment. If it's a story you'd like to have but not one you'd be able to cover otherwise, let me know, I told them. Nothing ever came up.

So I found something. A local high school official had organized a combine workout like the one the NFL holds for college players each year. The players run the 40 yard dash, test how many repetitions they can do bench pressing 225 pounds and undergo other measurements of their physical size and skills.

Only this one was for high school kids hoping to catch the attention of college teams. WCPO sports director John Popovich said that if I did a story, he would make room for it in a weekly high school sports show the station runs.

That gave me the pretext to ask the combine's organizer to let me do a story about the event. I would do a version for my own portfolio and then edit it to fit whatever length John wanted for his show. The original ran about 4:00. The station's show aired the whole thing.

Click here to watch it on your QuickTime movie player.

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