Thursday, September 01, 2005

My father's parents evidently never failed to purchase the school portraits. They also appear to have taken no photos of their own. Good thing Dad did a lot of school activities and saved his yearbooks.

His parents disdain for cameras passed down to him. My parents' marriage has lasted more than 44 years yet the wedding ceremony that marked its beginning was so humble that no one bothered to photograph it. Only in the last five years did they take pictures of the church in Yanceyville, North Carolina where they married.

I try not to fume too much that early pictures of their eldest son (and your humble correspondent) are black and white. Then again, as you will see, so were my dad's.

This is a music montage of pictures bracketed by two shots of Dad hitting golf shots (his favorite pastime). I edited it for their 44th wedding anniversary this past March. Click here to watch it. You will need a Quicktime player and a broadband connection to see it.

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