Thursday, June 22, 2006


After wondering if I would ever actually move into the home I signed the contract for last June, I finally closed on the new home.

I'm moving most of my stuff this weekend, provided that I remember to rent a truck before then. I go tomorrow morning to pick out the slab of granite from which they will make my new countertops. The house comes with countertops but I wanted granite and it's thousands cheaper to pay Home Depot to come tear out the current countertops and install granite ones than it would have been to have the homebuilder install granite in the first place.

It should be fit for company in a few weeks, though I figure most of my out of town friends will want to visit when it gets cold where they live.

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jodypwrites said...

Nice home. Don't be surprised if I put up a tent in your backyard. There can't be that many homes painted that color in Tampa. Then again, just how big is Tampa?