Saturday, June 10, 2006


My parents left for vacation out west early this morning. I shuttled them to the airport. After my chauffeur assignment, I went to Clearwater Beach. As you can see above, if you get there at 8 a.m. you have the beach to yourself. It's not kayaking on Waikiki but my chair, towel and Michael Beschloss book on World War II kept me good company again today.

Came home to find an e-mail from a friend who detailed the nosedive of her sex life since she had a baby earlier this year. Is it the very definition of irony that someone who has not had a relationship in three years would be asked to counsel two people who sleep next to each other on how to have more sex?

Then, speaking of ending droughts, it rained hard for an hour. This has been the oddest day. But interesting.


A Girl From Texas said...

That is so beautiful. Geez, I'm envious. how I would love to just go to the beach and hang out.

Galveston doesn't count. It's not the same thing.

John said...

I should have taken another picture before I left. By mid-morning, the place fills fast.

A Girl From Texas said...

I actually went to Galveston on Thursday and hung out on the beach. I thought of this picture most of the time I was there. The water was actually very very nice. You could actually see green water instead of the ugly brown.

But there is always something that is bothersome. This time it was some sort of scratchy plant that seemed to be everywhere.