Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Plumb This

Due to my recent bad experience with Chris's Plumbing Service here in Riverview (detailed here), my kitchen had new granite countertops but its sink still did not have a faucet.

I could call Chris’s Plumbing Service (aka Chris's Plumbing Services) again but if that were the only way to make my sink fully functional, I would be the guy you see rinsing his dishes in the retention pond behind his building.

Cured for the moment of the wish to hire anyone to do anything, if I wanted a faucet in my kitchen sink, I was going to have to install it myself. Probably not a good idea considering my history with this home. Everything I do seems to be wrong thing. Hiring Chris’s Plumbing Services, for instance. And while I'd like to think I was handy around the house, all I had really ever done was strip and re-finish some old furniture and hang window blinds.

The Moen faucet, with side spray hose and soap dispenser went in just like the directions said they would. The directions didn’t actually say anything; they were all pictures. The first time I tested it, it worked fine but I had not installed the side spray hose. Oops. I turned off the water and disconnected the plumbing where I’d have to put in the side spray hose connection. The water left inside the tube drained out all over me. Oops. I hooked it all up and tested it again. The connection where the hose met the main water line leaked. I turned off the water and took it apart. Water drained out all over me again. Oops. I added more sealing tape, re-connected it and it worked. It worked!

And did not leak.

I made a mess when I tried to pour 18 ounces of liquid soap into the dispenser, which appears to hold 16, and I had to towel dry the puddles I made when disconnecting the plumbing but it otherwise went well.


A Girl From Texas said...

When you posted your complaint about Chris's Plumbing did you explore online at their site to see anyone else had submitted any complaints? You should also be able to look up other companies on line at BBB to see if there are any complaints.

I would think services, such as plumbing services, are the type of services that when people are really upset they complain to BBB about it. So, you should be able to get a good idea who's good or back from it.

I know that when I had a really bad experience from an auto place, I went to BBB and found they had numerous complaints (hindsight 20/20).

A Girl From Texas said...

I looked it up after I posted.... Here is the BBB report on them specifically.

Looks like you're not the first.