Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The Plumber File (con't)

Chris's Plumbing Service has until tomorrow to respond to the Better Business Bureau regarding my complaint (detailed here).

Belated thanks to a girl from texas for digging up Chris's subpar record.

It appears that Chris and Joanne Hoffman, co-owners of Chris's Plumbing Service (aka Chris's Plumbing Services), don't care too much about their record with the BBB. Don't worry, guys: I'm not through with you yet. Next will be a report to the state of Florida's consumer division, which, like the BBB, has a convenient online form I can use.

There will be more. You've heard of viral marketing? I've posted on craigslist message boards and I'm looking for means to do viral anti-marketing about this place. Why they thought they would screw me and I'd just take it lying down, I have no idea.

Someday, neither will they.

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A Girl From Texas said...

You're welcome.