Monday, October 23, 2006

New Blue Guitar

I am the oldest, brightest, best and humblest of three brothers. The youngest plays the most guitar. The middle one owns the most guitars and I write the most original music on guitar.

Middle Bro recently decided that his collection of guitars was collecting too much dust. Rightly so considering he can't really play any of them, let alone more than one at a time, and he chose to distribute some of his excess to Youngest Bro and me.

I got a blue electric colored electric blue made by Jackson. I got it just last night and hacked out a new tune with it. It's more than a little disjointed but it's the best I could do on short notice. I should have used different guitar tones so that you could hear the separate parts more clearly but I kind of like the muddled sound.

It's called -- and how's this for reaching for a title -- New Blue Guitar. The drums come from a CD called "Ape Breaks" whose producer specified that people could use them royalty-free if they created new original works from them. I've done the same thing before.

New Blue Guitar ©2006 John McQuiston
(Not that I expect a problem with that!)


A Girl From Texas said...

congratulations, it's a beautiful guitar.

John said...

Thanks! Though I feel odd at being congratulated. For having a brother who has good taste in guitars? Or for having one who didn't know when to stop buying them and wound up with too many?

I'm not spitting on your compliment, just making a general commentary on things for which we congratulate people.

We congratulate people for getting pregnant. In most cases was it really that much of a feat?

A Girl From Texas said...

hmmm, interesting statement.

May I point out, however, that for one who doesn't feel that this is something one should be congratulated for, you have not only taken a photo of your new baby and put it on your blog but you have even written a "song" about it. You even titled it "new blue guitar".

I don't know how others might interpret this behavior but you sound like a proud papa to me. :)