Wednesday, October 25, 2006

These Are Your Fingers

These are your fingers on guitar.

Any questions?

Untitled ©2006 John McQuiston
(Not that I expect a problem with that!)


A Girl From Texas said...

You know, violins don't come with frets (though I heard that one guy did have one made with them) so my teacher would have to put shiny tape on my violin letting me know where the fingers were supposed to go when I played.

John said...

I would have been a terrible violinist. I could never have found the right notes. It's hard enough for me on the guitar!

A Girl From Texas said...

Muscle memory kicks in.

I can't tell if you have callouses on your fingertips yet but it looks like you're getting there. That's when you really know you've put in the hours.

When my friend,John, wrote his musical he composed all the songs from his guitar. He noticed brown stuff on the fretts after awhile and realized his fingers were bleeding. That's hard core.

John said...

The black on the fingers is from the fretboard but I've never made my fingers bleed. My acoustic guitar is much harder on my fingertips. That's the one that builds the callouses. Electric guitars, in general, have strings closer to the fretboard than acoustics do so they're easier on the fingers.