Friday, March 16, 2007

VCU 79 Duke 77

This is why I don't fill out NCAA tournament bracket sheets, not even for entertainment purposes only. I never would have picked VCU to beat Duke last night. I tuned in with about 2:30 left in the game and saw that VCU had a chance at the upset. Cool! I despise Duke! What if they went home crying after the first round!

But if I had a bracket sheet to worry about, I could not have enjoyed that delicious possibility. It would have put me in the awkward and horrible position of wishing Duke would win.

Whose entertainment purpose would that serve? Not mine.

I remember in tenth grade giving a dollar to some kid running a pool for NFL games. The following Sunday I spent the miserable whole day rooting for teams I hated and I vowed I'd never to do it again.

So you have your fun with your office pool. I wish you luck. Me? I'm going to celebrate with my new best friends from VCU.

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