Friday, November 09, 2007


Actual picture of actual candles actually photographed by the author.

Nothing soothes the soul like candlelight. Of course, it's much more soothing if there is smooth jazz and a beautiful woman1 involved but even if it's just my couch, my cat and I watching the glow play on the wall it's a wonderful exercise in serenity.2,3

I've read that people shouldn't burn candles if the power goes out. The fire danger apparently presents more of a health risk than stumbling around in the dark. I don't care. I'll continue to use them whether there's electricity available or not.

1 With the added benefit that the flattering light from candles expands the number of women who can claim this distinction.

2 My second favorite exercise after co-ed naked aerobics.

3 I don't know if serenity is something you can exercise. Note to self: polish this phrase if there's a danger more than five people will read it, especially any who might be willing to engage in my favorite exercise.4

4 With me.

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