Friday, November 02, 2007

Explaining Halloween

A friend and former collegue of mine and his wife recently adopted two teenage orphan girls from Ukraine. Jim has detailed the joys and sorrows of the process on his blog.

He recently posted a photo of one of the girls and her new younger brother dressed in their Halloween costumes. It made me wonder: As the girls acclimate to American life, how must some aspects of it seem to them?

Like Halloween.

Do they celebrate Halloween in Ukraine? If not, how'd the girls take it when Jim explained it? Maybe Halloween is world-wide but it would have to seem completely nuts to someone unfamiliar with the custom. That would have been a conversation to hear.

Father: "First, dear, your brother's going to dress like a pirate and you're going to dress up like a cat."

Daughter: "Is that so people won't know we're your children?"

Father: "Then you're going to go knock on people's doors and demand candy."

Daughter: "With a house this big I never thought you'd have to send us out to beg for food."

She and her sister will get even soon enough. If it hasn't happened yet, it won't be long before boys come calling on the lasses. Sending them out trick-or-treating is one thing. Sending them off on their first dates? That's going to be a fright night.

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Hale Family said...

Good one John! Recently my younger Ukrainian daughter and I were walking through an outdoor mall on a very hot day. She walked up to the big fountain (the kind you throw pennies in), cupped her hand, stuck it in, and started drinking, while onlookers stood around in shock! She was thirsty, and saw some fresh water. I don't think she's ever understood why others thought it was strange!