Sunday, December 30, 2007


I've taken my camera out to practice with it the past couple of days despite having a cold that should have kept me home on the couch, which is where I spent most of today.

Tampa Bay Downs - 12/29/07

Florida Botanical Gardens - 12/29/07

USF Botanical Garden - 12/28/07

USF Botanical Garden - 12/28/07


Jim H. said...

Wow! Nice stuff John. Happy New Year my man.

P.S. please turn off the annoying comment moderation feature as it usually requires me to type in that word verification thing five or six times, causing much vexataion!

John said...

I've turned off the word verification. I was getting some bad comment spam so that's when the comment moderation started.

If it still proves too troublesome to comment, let me know and I'll try something else.

A Girl From Texas said...

John, those are really nice photos! I'm not even sure I can say I have a favorite they are all so good.