Monday, January 07, 2008

Dirty Laundry

I don't air all my dirty laundry on the blog but sometimes I have to share. Check out the laundry basket.

See anything out of the ordinary? No? Look closer. That's not a mink stole on top of the pile. I don't have any such thing and if I did I'd have the sense not to machine wash it. That is a fur coat, however.

Attached to a little pretty kitty who, for some reason, has always enjoyed sleeping on my soiled clothes. Normally they are found only in the laundry basket. In the past, the occasional stray shirt could be found on my bed and, almost invariably, the cat could be found on it, snoozing away.

If only human females found my scent so comforting.


A Girl From Texas said...

Animals find comfort in being able to smell their owners. Whenever I travel, I make sure i leave out pajamas I've worn or something so they can snuggle in them and think of me.

One of my cats likes to rub her face against my shoes.

John said...

I still wish human females would find my scent as comforting as my cat evidently does.