Monday, January 14, 2008

Lowry Park Zoo

Sunday was $5 admission day at Tampa's Lowry Park Zoo. That means everybody and his brother was there. Not my brothers, though, they weren't available. So I should have said everybody except my brothers. But my parents showed up. Should I have thought to take their picture instead of the white tigers?

John McQuiston Photograph
I like my parents but -- let's be honest -- they're not that cute.

Below is a slide show of photos from the day. The Flash file only seems to work in Firefox. It's a free download but my brother, apparently unable to visit the zoo because he was too busy working on his advice column,* thinks that you won't be able to Google Firefox yourself so I should do it for you. In that case, click here to download Firefox so that you, too, can enjoy the slide show below.

*That and the fact that he lives 800 miles away.


Jim said...

Yes, head over to for free advice. Just remember it is free for a reason.

I didn't know Tigers bowled.

Jim H. said...

These are stunning! I must admit I always feel a bit sad when visiting the zoo, but this looks like a pretty nice place.

A Girl From Texas said...

These are really nice. I love the tiger.