Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Traffic Stop

We're not talking police encounter, here. My temporary gig doing the traffic for WTSP-TV, Tampa Bay's CBS affiliate, will end soon. Seven months ago I got a call saying that the station had let its traffic reporter go and asked if I could fill in "until further notice."

Further notice has come.

The last girl that the station auditioned has won the job. I don't know when she starts but I do know she's going to need a lot of training before she's ready to go on the air. My days here are numbered but I don't yet know exactly what the number is.

The gig has lasted a lot longer than I would have guessed and it's been good for me.

Coincidentally, I had just put together a montage of lighter moments of my traffic reporting. I've posted some of the clips before but some of the later ones are recent.


Ike said...


You're personable, funny, topical, engaged, and have a quick wit!

Have you considered an exciting career as a Professional Television Personality?

John said...

I have considered it. Turns out that people hiring Professional Television Personalities don't particularly want those qualities you attributed to me.

Still, I appreciate the kind words -- totally unsolicited. Now do I write "Ike" or "Isaac" on the check?