Wednesday, February 05, 2014

So What if the Red Hot Chili Peppers mimed at the Super Bowl?

I don't care that the Red Hot Chili Peppers faked playing their instruments during the Super Bowl halftime show. As long as they've played, does anyone doubt that they know how to play their instruments, and can play their songs live?

I don't.

It's the Ashlee Simpsons, Ke$has, and other autotuned divas of the pop music world who bother me, because I don't know if they have ever sung their songs, even when they, or someone, recorded them.

I have no problem with the RHCP's explanation that, for this one extraordinary event, they gave in to the NFL's demand that they mime over a backing track.

When you remember the 43-8 final score, you can't even call the band the biggest fakes on the field that day.

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