Thursday, March 02, 2006

How Fitting

Apparently you can have your cake and screw it too.

Check out this story in the Salt Lake Tribune about a player for the NBA's Utah Jazz whose wife is either:

A. Unusually understanding

B. Plotting something

or, considering that it's Utah,

C. Just trying to fit in.

Andrei Kirilenko is a tall skinny white guy who plays professional basketball for a living. Even they are highly sought after by groupies, whose dogged pursuit, it seems, is too overwhelming for even the most virtuous husband to resist. And if Kirilenko's craving for unfaithful carnal knowledge creates a temptation so strong he wishes to give in, his wife Masha Lopatova has only one thought:

Let him.

Says she: hubby can bang one other woman per year with no penalty. She's not even asking for reciprocity. It's not cheating if she knows about it, see.

I guess Lopatova saw the story of Walter Steed, a Utah judge removed from the bench for having three wives (with whom he fathered 32 children, which is a lot even by NBA standards) and must have figured that this way she would only be sharing her husband with one other woman.

What's good for the judge is good for the gander, I guess.

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