Saturday, March 04, 2006

This Is Love

I heard this story on NPR recently. It's about a guy in Brooklyn who proposed to a woman on their first date. In 1978. And how they've been married since then. You can listen to it online if you want to hear an inspiring love story.

I can't fathom ever doing that. I'm far too cautious. I'm usually too cautious to ask for the first date itself! What struck me was that to decide to get married that suddenly and make it work, they both had to make up their minds beforehand that they were going to enjoy a happy marriage. Their attitude predetermined the outcome. It was not just a leap of faith. It was a conscious decision in advance. And it became a sulf-fulfilling prophecy.

It was also sweet simply to hear two people so obviously in love with each other. I'd like to believe in the possibility.

I want to feel like that someday. And have the feeling reciprocated. I
want to fall in true love. Just one time. Just for a little while, if that's
all I get. I can only imagine how wonderful that must feel. When you love someone else more than life itself. When you learn you're going to die and you're clear that you do not want it to end your partner's life too: "When I go, live again, love again. Your happiness is mine."

Good times.

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