Sunday, May 07, 2006

Internet Searches

What could they want? According to, 39 people so far this month have come to my web site from

That's a page on the Internet Archive on which I have posted a story I did for WFLA-TV in 1998. It's called "Girl Weightlifters." I can only guess what the nearly 2,000 people who have downloaded the video thought they were going to see. What they did see was a feature story about the girls weightlifting team at Berkeley Preparatory School.

The statistics from the video page of my site show how some people discover my clips. Most are Google or Yahoo! searches for such things as "Girl Fight Clips," "girl fight video clips," "watch free fight video," and even "yeah babes clips."

I hate to disappoint them (OK, not really) but they're not going to find what they're seeking on my site. There is one clip of a boxing story I did and several high school girls sports stories so I can see how the keywords would point someone to my site.

But it proves that Google is not foolproof.

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