Wednesday, May 10, 2006


No one knows who posts ads on craigslist personal ads but it's highly likely that the future Mrs. John McQuiston is not among them. That doesn't mean it can't be fun to answer the ads.

I found one tonight titled "Must LOVE to play golf (part 2)." Apparently I missed the first one and was lucky to catch the sequel. It read:

I'm sure glad I put this out there...running the original "ad" again... thanks for all the responses so far :) Here's the deal....I'm very adorable for my age...which happens to be 36...don't look it, don't act it. SINGLE and looking for a handsome guy (single, white, over 30) to play golf with and/or help me improve my game. Whatever else happens happens. Not looking for a one-nighter, not looking for a sugar daddy, not looking for a broke, drunk, loser either.

Your pic MIGHT get mine - LOL!

That's what I'm working from. It was late; I was tired and more than a little goofy when I wrote my reply. Like you will have needed the preface after you read it:
Adorable for your age, yet humble too. That's what's so charming. ;-)

I'm glad you're not looking for a one-nighter because I have enough trouble hitting the ball straight in daylight. I can only imagine how terrible I'd play if we tried it at night.

I don't know how much help I can offer you on your game. Unlike my father, who routinely shoots in the 70s, I only score that low if I quit after 13 holes. Unfortunately for you, my father is married and he's not available. That leaves me. (OK, in reality you may have other options but you'll have to forgive me if I gloss over that fact for now.)

As for the rest of your ad (pasted below for convenient reference), let's see... not a drunk (don't drink at all, actually, but that's just by personal preference not because of religion or anything), not broke (not even after I pay for the townhouse I'm buying later this month) and not a loser (unless I'm dumb enough to challenge dad to golfing with money on the line, in which case I'll be a loser, broke and reconsidering the whole not drinking thing).

Look at the pictures! I'm in the one on the left. Oh, wait. I'm in both of them. I don't have the beard I had in the golfing shot any more. It was a phase. I got over it. Just don't ask me where the ball went that I hit in this picture. We never found it.

Forgive the horrible formatting here. It's even later now than when I wrote it and I'm not less tired or goofy. And, you wonder, how is that different than usual? I dunno. But you get the idea.

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A Girl From Texas said...

Awe, you're a cutie, WITH a sense of humor. I'm sure she'll respond.