Thursday, April 19, 2007

Interesting John McQuiston

My friendly neighborhood Stat Counter tells me that many people find my web site (not my blog here but my actual site) from Google searches for -- get this -- "John McQuiston."

That can mean only one thing. Someone out there walking around with my name has become interesting enough to arouse Google-worthy curiosity. I doubt that it is I.

One of the searches did include the title of a page buried somewhere on my site titled So You Want To Be A TV Reporter?. OK, maybe that one was for the same John McQuiston typing the verbiage you're reading right now.

(I wonder if all John McQuistons so love to refer to themselves in the third person.)

The rest? Who might this famous or infamous John McQuiston be? What has he done to make so many wonder? He's made me wonder. I tried the Google search for "John McQuiston" myself.

(Admit it: You've Googled your own name too!)

As you can see, at least today, it doesn't reveal many clues because the top result is my site. Next is the gentleman below:

Not me.

That Jon (no "H) McQuiston is the 1st District Supervisor of Kern County, California. What the 1st District Supervisor of Kern County, California does, exactly, I'm not sure. But could "no H" inspire so much Googling? Especially when many of the searchers, according to the locations of their IP addresses, are on the east coast?

Then there's this fellow:

Definitely not me.

John McQuiston II is a lawyer and an inspirational author in Memphis. calls him a "best-selling author." But if the books were that hot sellers, would they available for as little as $3 -- in hardback?

I could go on but I can bottom line it for you that among John McQuistons on the Internet, there ain't a rock star in the bunch. Who knows? Maybe the same wave of nostalgia that recently washed over me has struck other people, some of whom once knew me at a time long ago in a place far away.

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