Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The Combine

A site I frequent called allows people to upload and store videos on its site. The video quality is high so I thought I'd try uploading one of my projects.

I found a program that will encode AVI files into Flash video (FLV) files. Flash video, I keep reading, is becoming the standard for video on the web. Now if I can just get it to work on my site. The story I uploaded looks terrific on Click here to see for yourself. It's one I did several years ago after I got my first camera. Let's see if it will work embedded here on my blog:


Jim said...

The video quality on b-roll is very good. It doesn't play on this page though.

John said...

I am baffled and befuddled. I copied and pasted the code directly from the text box on the b-roll site where it says "Copy and paste this code to embed the video in your site!" It even mentioned that it works on blogs.

Oh, well. As Dad is fond of saying, "Life is full of disappointments." I already know that. I just can't show them to you on my blog.