Wednesday, September 19, 2007

More Video

As you might have noticed, the embedded code to play the flash video from the site is not working. It doesn't work on my Geocities site either.

The video does sparkle on, though. I uploaded a couple of other short films I've done.

Magicicada Septendicim


The Light Wires and other sites that allow you to upload video, such as YouTube and Google Video have a 100MB limit on the size of the video file you can upload. To maximize quality, I made Flash video files come as close to 100MB as I could. The Light Wires video came out to 99.2MB. They'll still get compressed to something more manageable for streaming on the web but the better quality that goes in, I figure, the better it will come out.

It seems to work on I'll try YouTube and Google Video later.

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