Sunday, February 03, 2008


Photograph Copyright 2008 John McQuistonAfter my side trip to the Field of Flags (see post below), I continued to my original destination: The USF Botanical Garden. It's not the fanciest or biggest floral collection around but admission is free and it's not far out of the way on the drive to my parents' house where I was going to have dinner and watch the Super Bowl.

I had shot there once before and went back this time specifically to capture shots of the butterfly garden's headline inhabitants. Or suffer terrible sunburn in the attempt. Butterflies don't often stop to pose for pictures. They flit and flutter about from one flower to the next. Following them is impossible. All you can do is pick a spot and wait for them to come to you. When one does, you can't get too particular about the framing. You focus and snap the shot. That's usually all you get. A couple of times, though, they stayed still long enough for me to try to compose a shot.

Here's a slide show (your browser must be Flash enabled):


A Girl From Texas said...

I love butterflies. And I love your photos!

John said...

You are kind to say so. Thank you!