Friday, February 01, 2008


I ate my first donut of 2008 this morning. The closest thing to junk food I'd had in January were granola bars and applesauce. Sticklers will contend that granola bars are junk food but I bought the granola bars on a 2-for-1 sale and studies have shown that discounted foods have less sugar and fewer calories than their full-priced counterparts. You can look it up.

I have no excuse for the applesauce. That's why I'm not claiming I went all of January junk food free. That's OK, though, for two reasons. One, I had a light holiday eating season so I didn't didn't have a lot of gastrointestinal atonement to do. Second, because I kept the resolution that I did make: I worked out every single day in January.

This makes three years in a row on that one. Thank you.

So I deserved a donut, don't you think? Conveniently enough, the boss brought a box to the office. The first bite was heaven -- soft and sweet and chewy. Then ten minutes later I felt like hell. It was like I'd swallowed a rock!

Sunk by one donut! You have to understand: When I was a teenager, I could eat half a dozen without blinking. OK, maybe a couple of blinks but only if you looked closely. And not just plain ones or regular glazed ones. I mean the full strength jelly, custard and creme filled ones. I don't even like jelly or custard donuts but they went down so fast I didn't have time to complain.

And now that I'm a home owner who's had to do some minor drywall repair I realize that the stuff that fills "creme-filled" donuts is just sugar-sweetened spackling compound. You can look that up, too.

One thing you probably can't do any more is find me at a donut shop. That's not a new resolution. That's just me learning my limitations.

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