Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Snook Haven

We've shot part of another story for A Gulf Coast Journal. That's the program hosted by Jack Perkins that airs on Tampa's PBS affiliate, WEDU. The story is about dulcimer players. They had a jamboree at an out-of-the-way place in Venice called Snook Haven.

It's built around a restaurant and includes a stage for musical acts, a boat ramp into the Myakka River, a gift shop and some cabins for overnight stays. It's not quite right to call it "off the beaten path" because the dirt road you drive to get there is well worn. But you're back in the boonies and the place advertises itself as a taste of Old Florida.

Snook Haven also reminds you with many signs that it is a restaurant and that you're not to eat food you bought elsewhere on the grounds. Our $7 chicken sandwiches probably didn't have $7 worth of chicken sandwich in them but cameraman Carlos Albores, soundman Mark Perfetti and I agreed that they hit the spot.

Below is a Flash slide show of pictures I took with my point-and-shoot Canon Power Shot. I don't feel comfortable bringing my SLR on jobs because WEDU is not paying me to take pictures, though they'll use one in their monthly magazine on the page that details what's coming up on that month's Journal.

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