Thursday, May 01, 2008

New Fitness Craze

I saw a woman killing time outside the gym before going in to work out. She had to finish her cigarette first.

Correct. Before the huffing and puffing came just the puffing. Kind of like those people who order the triple bacon cheeseburger with the supersized fries then ask for a Diet Coke.

Yeah. That'll save you. Good job.

And how much peanut butter have you wolfed down with those carrot chips lately, Mr. Virtuous?

No more than required to make me forget that I'm eating carrots, Mr. Heckler inside my head.

And what have I been doing when not enjoying the company of imaginary friends? Trying to design my new web site. There's not much there yet so it might make you wonder why it's taking so long.

(I was going to type out the explanation but I got bored just thinking about it so I'm going to spare you the details.)

The short answer is that the effort stretches the limits of my artistic, web designing and Flash skills.

Like that takes much doing.

So if you know anything about web design, or even if you don't, feel free to throw your two cents in. Mr. Heckler here hasn't offered much help.

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