Friday, November 14, 2008

No End in Sight

At least not with my fatigue-impaired vision.

Every time I think I'm nearing the finish line doing the traffic at Ch. 10, they move it away from me. The next candidate was supposed to come in Monday (Nov. 17) for her audition/interview. Now she's not coming until the following Monday (Nov. 24).

I shouldn't be so eager to leave. It's not a bad job; it's certainly not difficult and the people are great. But I go home every day feeling like I've accomplished nothing except making myself more tired. Meantime I'm wasting time napping that I should be spending developing freelance business.

As I told the morning show's executive producer this morning, "if it's not going to be permanent, I'd rather just get it over with."

Yesterday morning, one of the morning show's reporters did multiple lengthy live shots listing ways you can date cheaply. Going to the park to feed the ducks and playing the card game UNO were two of the suggestions.

I couldn't resist.

"I'm looking forward to Janie's next report," I said on camera before showing the traffic maps at one point. "Because chicks dig guys who know how to date on the cheap... almost as much as they dig being called chicks."

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