Friday, November 14, 2008

Roo's New Wheels

My latest story for ZooToo TV has gone online. You can play the video above. Here's the link to the page on the site that includes the story's text version, as well as where you can scroll down and click "Thumbs Up" to give it a positive review. I do both a video story and write a text version of each story I do.

I learned yesterday that zootoo measures the percentage of people who visit a story's page that click to play the video. They use that data to judge what kinds of stories it wants to do. I don't know how much a story's headline determines a reader's curiosity to view a video but it has to be a factor.

This is the third story I've done for They have already paid me for the first two, true to its word that payment will happen within 15 days of the story going online. This is important because I've had to chase other people for payments they've owed me. Ah, the glamorous life of freelancing.

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