Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Ads by Google

There are some. While messing with the formatting of the blog I noticed a tab that read "Monetize." A few steps later I had the small banner with links to ads. The first group read "Packaging Tampa," "Mail Service Tampa," "Shipping Cost Tampa," "UPS Ground Tampa" and "Pack and Ship Tampa."

I would tell you that these links lead you to fine upstanding companies that deserve your patronage but my terms of service (TOS) agreement specifically forbids me from clicking on them so I have no idea where they go. And I am enormously curious! As curious as my cat when she spies an open closet door. She cannot resist investigating.

But I must.

I would tell you go check them out on my behalf but the TOS also bars me from encouraging people to click on the links. If you happen to click on any of the ad links above, that's fine. I think that's why they're there. In fact, advertising is what makes the world wide web go around. Just know that you click without any urging by me.

Don't misunderstand. I'm not suggesting that you DON'T click on any of the ad links above. Nothing bad will happen to you if you do, at least not to my knowledge. I can't say with certainty what will happen because I have never clicked on one. For all I know, they're not real links and I've polluted my blog for no reason.

I have to trust the fine folks at Google not to do that to me. I was made to understand that if enough people do click on the ad links above — WITHOUT ANY PROMPTING FROM ME — that Google will even pay me. This could just be fantasy on my part. Regardless, don't click an ad link for my sake. According to the TOS, I am expressly prohibited from asking you to support this blog by clicking one of the ad links above.

However, if for totally random reasons, you do click an ad link above, please report back to me what you find. I'll have to double-check the TOS but I think I'm allowed to ask that.

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