Thursday, April 23, 2009

Little Idle Time

I turned and looked at the clock. 3:24 a.m. The alarm had not gone off but I had waken anyway at the exact time WUSF-FM's overnight jazz program would have jarred me out of my unsettled slumber.

This time, for the first time since last August, a weekday morning in my own bed began with no need to rise at this ungodly hour. I could sleep until 7 like people do. Which I did. After I lay awake for an hour trying to shut my brain back down.

It won't take too long to adjust to normal sleep patterns and to recover from the nearly constant exhaustion that comes from working an early morning shift. Good thing. There's work to do.

Friday and Saturday I cover the high school state weightlifting championships for a state-wide sports network. I have to build a web site for my possibly soon-to-launch photography business and work on another for a friend.

I've already tweaked the homepage at to remove mention of specific jobs in favor of a more overarching statement. I need to drum up story ideas for, though I wonder how much longer that gig is going to last. They've had some layoffs and payments are taking longer to arrive. That's ominous.

And I have to find more clients who can benefit from someone who can tell visual stories whether it's on air or online with video and sound or using cave drawings and smoke signals.

(Smoke signal service will resume once our drought ends and fire danger warnings expire.)

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