Tuesday, April 07, 2009


Personal-Documentary.com drew its first inquiry yesterday. It's a web site I built for a business I've toyed with launching to produce video biographies and other personal documentaries.

I haven't actually incorporated the business or advertised the site.

Its URL (or web address) is very search engine friendly. The site usually appears on Google's first page of results for personal documentaries and my web stats counter tells me that people stumble across it from time to time.

Again, this happens despite absolutely no effort on my part to publicize the site.

Yesterday one of the visitors wrote asking where I was located, whether I traveled and how much I charged. That's pretty amazing since I haven't listed any prices or details of the services we'll offer. It could be that the person was looking for something on the cheap but the question about whether we travel tells me that's not the case.

The significance is that the site, even in its unfinished form, impresses people with the quality of the work. I'm supposed to shoot interviews for another "demo" featuring a friend's parents this week. That should yield more examples for the web site.

If this lead turns into a possible paying job, I'll have to find a CPA and set up a corporation.

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