Friday, June 05, 2009

What Did I Say...

...about emperors hating their public nudity pointed out to them a couple of posts ago? A high school valedictorian in Spring Hill, Florida, has gotten an early lesson.

Jem Lugo's vision for her graduation speech was rejected by the school principal as too crude. It included pop culture references, slang and mildly off-color language.

Read her intended speech as well as the sanitized re-write here.

In a letter to the St. Petersburg Times Lugo writes, "Graduation is no longer about the students at all. It's about the school, proudly presenting another fine batch of perfectly acceptable programmed graduates to the rest of the community." The officially approved version of her speech, "is not me."

Lugo will attend Harvard.

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Ike said...

I probably wouldn't be invited to speak either.