Saturday, December 27, 2008

John McQuiston Sighting

This gem brought to you by Google Alerts:

In 1961 actor Jess Kirkpatrick appeared in the TV series "Michael Shayne" playing a police sergeant named John McQuiston.


"Michael Shayne" was an hour-long crime drama starring Richard Denning in the title role as a Miami private detective.

The series was based on a series of novels by Brett Halliday, whose 1941 Michael Shayne novel "Bodies Are Where You Find Them" provided the basis for one of my favorite movies, "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang" from 2005.

The series was before my time and is too obscure to exist on DVD but I'd be curious to see episodes with such titles as "No Shroud for Shayne", "Dolls are Deadly", "Die Like a Dog", "Framed in Blood", "Marriage Can be Fatal", "The Body Beautiful", "Murder and the Wanton Bride," "Blood on Biscayne Bay" and "The Badge," which features Mr. Kirkpatrick as Sgt. McQuiston.

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