Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Quotes of the Day

Uttered during WTSP's morning news as I report the traffic when there's not a lot of traffic to report.

Today, on the weather pattern causing the rain and soon-to-arrive cold snap: "If I followed the weather right, we had a front and a front back-to-back. I've never heard of anything good coming from back-to-back fronts."

Yesterday, after discussion about the astronaut on the space station who let a bag of tools worth $100,000 float away from her during a spacewalk: "I'm still trying to get over that $100,000 tool bag that floated away from the space station. Here's an idea: Spend another dollar and buy a piece of rope. And tie the tool bag to the space suit so it can't float away."

My parents' next-door neighbor caught that one and reported to my dad that he thought it was funny.

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