Friday, December 26, 2008

Swimming Shoot

As mentioned recently, I shot a story Monday about a high school swimmer for the state-wide high school sports show to which I contribute.

Jason Taylor is a lanky 17-year-old from Lithia Newsome High School who looks like he hasn't grown into his body yet. His current physique was enough to power him to a state record in the 500-yard freestyle.

His club team coach thinks the Olympics aren't out of Jason's reach. Peter Banks would know. He coached Olympic gold medalist Brooke Bennett. Banks doesn't dissuade his swimmers from dreaming big. Next to the clubs record board is a large map of the world.

It will come in handy for Jason. Next month he swims for the U.S. junior team at a meet in Guam. Go find that on a map. Take your time. I'll wait for you.*

After shooting video from every angle I could think of, I pulled out my still camera and squeezed off a few shots. If I captured anything good, I'd figure out a way to use them to give the story some visual variety.

I didn't fare so well. None came out really great. Many, like the one below, might have been decent if I had framed it better by maybe including his elbow and all of his fingers in the shot.

Thanks to my new tripod (SWEET!) the video should have turned out better. Whether I have enough good shots to cover the 3:30 this story needs to last, I don't know. I did ask Jason to e-mail pictures of him on the medal stand at the state meet to his coach, who said he would forward them on to me.

*Don't feel bad. Guam is a small speck on a large globe. It took me a while to find it and I thought I knew geography.

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