Friday, February 06, 2009

I Won't Get Much Sympathy

But it's cold. I realize that the cold we get here in Florida is not the same kind of cold I fled in the north. Our overnight lows in the 20s match the high temperatures in other parts of the country.

Even as temps struggled to reach 50 degrees yesterday even under bright clear skies, there's a part of your brain that looks outside, sees the palm trees and the sunshine and thinks, "how cold can it be?" Without a coat on, it's very freaking cold!

I don't need a thermometer to measure the temperature. I can tell by how friendly Annie is. If the cat sleeps on the bed, it's going to be a cold morning. She has spent the last two nights parked right next to me.

Don't worry, though. I understand if you don't feel sorry for me, especially since forecast highs return to normal for the weekend and rise to the mid to upper 70s next week.

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