Thursday, May 21, 2009

Mail Order Latin Brides

That's all the ad says.

I open up my trusty MSN Hotmail account and in the right-hand column where I usually see ads for services to improve my credit score, land me a mortgage, cure my acne and find me a date (which, after accomplishing the first three, should be somewhat easier) I see a photo of an attractive Latina with its headline.

It goes to a site called I was afraid to click on the ad but I did anyway. God knows what kind of ads I'm going to start seeing now. Anyway. "Choose Your Bride from thousands of Beautiful Latin Girls," says its title.

And from where am I promised my choice of these Latin beauties? Mexico? Colombia? Costa Rica? At the bottom of the site's home page, it says to direct comments or questions to Mahe Internet Services Ltd., Stasinou 1, Mitsi building 1, Nicosia, Cyprus. And if you're not sure where in the Caribbean the island of Cyprus is, that's because it's not in the Caribbean but in the Mediterranean, near the coasts of Turkey and Syria.

I guess they figure that anyone who sends away for a bride by mail and receives a dark-haired, olive-skinned woman in return is not going to know the difference between the Spanish spoken by a Latina and the Greek or Turkish that a Cypriot woman speaks.

Ain't love grand? Actually, it's probably several grand but I didn't get past the home page to find out.

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