Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Maybe This Is It

I came across this video on wired.com about someone described as an avante-garde cellist. Usually that's a euphemism for someone who became a fashionable musician despite the fact that her music is insufferable. But, in this case, I quite liked it.

But that's not my point. Someone shot and edited this video specifically for the website. Its audio and video quality is professional grade. It's not amateur work; someone was paid to produce it. It's also not so good that it's beyond the capabilities of either me or my equipment.

So I emailed them. "Who shot this?" I asked, adding that my interest was professional because the work was similar to pieces I have done, absent the narration I usually add. Much as I love the sound of my voice, I could happily learn to work without it if the format required it.

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