Monday, May 04, 2009

New Blog

Not that I write on this blog often enough to justify creating another one, but I have done so anyway.

You can find it here. And I hope you do. I built it, including the nifty graphic at the top, as a companion to a new website, also built entirely by your humble blog author.

That one is also available for public inspection here. For now I'm piggy-backing that site on my domain. I'll pony up the 10 bucks if it proves popular enough to need its own.

I did not build the site merely as an exercise in frustration, though wrestling with my rusty knowledge of CSS and Flash certainly provided plenty of that. I promise that the simplicity of its design is not solely due to the limits of my skills. Or because I'm lazy.

The idea is that the plain background would help the photography stand out. We'll see. And I hope you will too. That's Or just click here.

And, why do I need a photography website, you ask? Maybe I don't but the last free shoot I did convinced me to take a shot, to coin a phrase. Really it was the couple who seemed shocked that I wasn't asking money for the quality of photos I was providing.

As I wrote on my new site, it's not often that a person is talked into charging for a service by someone who had previously received it for free.

At first, I'm going to limit the scope of the service I offer to the same kinds of shoots I've been doing already, only (I hope) a cash transaction preceding the photo transfer. As an added insurance to potential customers, I'm going to specify that they don't pay until after they've seen the photos. If they like them, they pay me and then I copy the images for them. If they don't, I apologize for disappointing them and we part company.

I'll have to keep this blog, of course, so that I have a place to write things that make people mad at me.

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