Wednesday, January 24, 2007


That's how much Allstate says my car is worth. I expected a lowball offer that I'd have to fight and regretted not taking pictures of the interior to show how good the car's condition was except for the smashed front end. But my Internet research says $3,668 is a fair settlement for a 1998 Nissan Sentra so I'm going to, as Steve Miller once sang, "take the money and run."* That is, if I can find the title of the car to prove that I own it so that they'll write me the check.

Provided that I can do that, the only bad thing is that I probably have to come up with a new car before this weekend. I had hoped to have until Saturday to make arrangements.

I just called my mother and asked her to visit the Toyota dealer near her house and price me a Corolla and a Scion tC. She promised to check a couple of places. I'll do the same for the ones in Tampa.

The cash is available. Much to my happy surprise, the mutual fund checks have already cleared and the amount is now among my "available balance."

May be the best dealer win!

*Actually, he sang it lots of times, what with all those concerts and all.

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